Body Narrative Coaching (BNC) allows for individuals to find authentic ways for them to live their own best life. With this process we use bilateral music to calm you down, and get you connected to you subconscious and your body. Then, we ask these parts of yourself how it wants to find the solutions.

From here, it is a powerful musical journey where your coach and you creatively find solutions and techniques that best suit your needs. BNC allows for your subconscious and body to communicate and integrate to your conscious awareness. Due to this we are addressing the actual needs, and allowing for you to have empowerment by finding your own answers. Although we do suggest and guide throughout the whole process, this is about you really finding out what you already know.

BNC For Pairs and Groups

Body Narrative Coaching (BNC)  is an effective way for couple, family members, and groups or organisations to find better ways of understanding the individuals and then problem solving together. The use of bilateral music to get each person connected to their subconscious and bodily needs is deeply powerful when navigating complications around needs. 

Once all individuals are in a relaxed, non-cognitive driven state, the facilitator then asks the more subconscious parts of self what the underlying issues that need to be addressed are. This allows for less defence mechanisms to come up between members, and for more authenticity to come forward.


Ronja understands that coaching on its own is not always enough to make lasting changes to people's lives. That sometimes there are blocks in the subconscious mind, limiting us from being able to feel our worth, or the joy of our daily lives. 

Thus she brings her Body Narrative Therapy (BNT) and Body Narrative Coaching (BNC) together for a holistic approach. All our coaching plans have a coaching session one week, and then therapy the next. This holistic approach works wonders in the lives of our clients as they are held, guided and encouraged to remember their power and true worth.